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Symbolism in Craft Freemasonry

Making Light - A Handbook for Freemasons

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At last a well written easy to read step by step guide to the path of self knowledge and self improvement that is Freemasonry. This volume takes the reader through each of the three degrees of Craft Freemasonry, teaching him how best to gain insight from the study and application of these teachings. For the newly-made Mason this book provides an explanation of the ceremony he has just been through and an invaluable glossary of Masonic terminology to help him feel at home in the lodge. It also provides a similar guide for future degrees to help him understand and benefit from his future Masonic progression. For the Freemason of many years experience and knowledge, it will show him many interesting and largely unknown aspects of the symbolism of the three degrees and provide him with a resource to answer the enquiries of other brethren. To discover the true Masonic secret, we have to work to bring it forth; this book is the manual for that great work.

ISBN: 0853182531

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