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5 Minute Ritualist

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The 5-Minute Ritualist is a scientifically founded, flexible, time and labour saving method for memorising Masonic Ritual using short, regular, highly focussed learning sessions. 5-MR offers a friendly, helping hand right across the Masonic age and experience spectrum - particularly so for inexperienced members of the Craft, aspiring WMs and Brethren living with declining memory challenges. This 'working tool' based system is very easy to use; can be applied to any form of Masonic Ritual; caters for 'Local Workings' variations and includes a combined 'rehearsal and prompting' tool that can safely be used anytime, anyplace, anywhere because only a Freemason can make any sense of it. This A4 sized book includes three 'ready to memorise' Workings Plans plus all the bespoke stationery for readers to make their own DIY trial of a Ritual working of their choosing. Fully illustrated, the book takes the reader on a journey from the Ritual words on the page to the formation of long-term memory, either shallowly or deeply processed. Very simply, the system overcomes all the recognised barriers to learning including the lack of time and not understanding archaic language content.

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